Red’s Hot Women internship: THE FOODIE EXPERIENCE

08-03-10 – In the kitchen

Posted in Uncategorized by Katie Bryson on March 8, 2010

I rolled up my sleeves and donned an apron today to help Kathryn, Brand Development Technologist, in the kitchen.

A bit of housekeeping to start – making sure all the industrial sized fridges and freezers were cleared of out of date produce to make room for all the new samples. This is where all the team keep their products ready for tasting. There’s an amazing array of stuff in there – it was pretty interesting having a browse!

The Product Developers book one of the tasting rooms and when it’s time for their session they bring their stuff to the kitchen to be prepared. There are three tasting rooms so it can get quite busy.

Lamb joints, lamb chops and sausages were in first, filling the kitchen with mouth watering smells. It’s a pretty sociable place to hang out – everyone seems to pop their head in to the kitchen at some point for a chat or scrap to eat!

Next up came trays and trays of party food. It was a continuation of Friday’s tasting session but this time lots of stuff to be cooked from frozen.

Sometimes the team are comparing an existing product with a new version, sometimes producers send different versions of the same kind of product so the team can choose which ones they prefer, or it might be a sample of something the supplier is working on that needs fine tuning to get to the finished result.

After a sunny lunchtime jog and quick sandwich it was on with the afternoon’s proceedings.

The team were doing their regular quality checks of one of their ranges of frozen vegetables.

Appearance frozen, appearance cooked, flavour, and texture were all graded for each product.

It’s very reassuring to know how much detail Waitrose goes into to make sure their products are of an excellent standard.

Being in the kitchen was fab today – great to get another perspective. I have to say I was loving the industrial cooker with multiple shelves! The industrial dishwasher is incredible too – it only takes about five minutes to wash dishes – I want one!


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