Red’s Hot Women internship: THE FOODIE EXPERIENCE

05-03-10 – The Main Man

Posted in Uncategorized by Katie Bryson on March 5, 2010

Today I finally met Waitrose’s Executive Chef Neil Nugent. He’d been out of the office most of the week cooking for hundreds of people at the Annual Conference at Celtic Manor.

So there was a real buzz today with everyone vying for Neil’s attention – getting him to taste their food so they could get his all important opinion, chatting to him about their projects and basically enjoying a bit of banter with him!

I was steeling myself for an ultra serious and scary chef, but Neil is a really warm and funny guy who is clearly adored by the team. He’s got a huge passion for what he does and despite being super busy he still manages to appear really laid back about life.

I spent the bulk of the day tasting Christmas party foods! It was quite a marathon session – over two hours of continual tasting.

I’ve finally mastered the taste and spit routine. I started off the week eating the samples, but after yesterday’s cake session I couldn’t face another evening with a sore tummy.

You’d think it’d be heaven eating all this food – but unless you’re one of those power eaters who takes part in pie eating contests, it’s actually pretty challenging.

There were some really gorgeous canapés though – shame we couldn’t have got the santa hats, wine and Christmas music out!

The Development Team are working on so many exciting projects at the moment, I feel really lucky to be behind the scenes. Apologies for the lack of detail in my blog, but for obvious reasons I can’t talk about a lot of what I’m seeing and doing!

So that’s my first week done and dusted. After nearly a year away from the workplace it’s felt really revitalising getting back into a professional environment. I feel more like me again and ready to launch myself back into the working world! I’m going to really soak up the next three weeks and sharpen my focus on my future prospects.


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