Red’s Hot Women internship: THE FOODIE EXPERIENCE

03-03-10 – The word is out

Posted in Uncategorized by Katie Bryson on March 4, 2010

Well first thing’s first – the hush-hush exciting announcement is in the public domain – Waitrose is teaming up with Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal for a massive advertising campaign!

One mention of an ingredient by Delia gets home cooks stampeding into the supermarkets – this is going to be a powerful project me thinks.

Waitrose is the supermarket choice of foodies, so Heston’s alliance with the brand will sure to get the more experimental market covered off.

It’s not two names you’d ordinarily put together, but I’m really looking forward to watching the campaign unfold. What a great time to be here!

Back in intern land I started the day with ‘benchmark fruit tasting’. This involved sampling three plates of the same fruit and scoring it out of 10 on things like looks, texture and flavour. Really fascinating how they can differ and the guy holding the panel gave me some top tips of what to look out for.

Did you know that the spots on the skin of nectarines shows that they’ll taste sweeter coz they’ve got more sugar in? Brilliant!

Went along to a meeting with a supplier and their development chef. Watched as they cooked up their products for us to taste. It’s great being in on the discussions as the Waitrose Team chat about what works/doesn’t work with the type of products we’re sampling and where they see them sitting within their ranges.

I’m such a supermarket geek – I’m totally lapping it all up!

I fitted in my run today to attempt to burn off all this food tasting! Got slightly lost in a housing estate in Bracknell but found my way back to Waitrose HQ with the help of my trusty iPhone GPS!


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