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01-03-10 First day at Waitrose

Posted in Uncategorized by Katie Bryson on March 1, 2010

After 11 months of maternity leave it felt heavenly to be back in the adult world today! Waitrose is a truly welcoming and inspirational environment. There’s so much going on and the staff all feel very happy to be there.

I had a short induction to the ways of Waitrose and then it was down to business. I was introduced to all the Food Developers on the team who are in charge of their specialist areas – ranging from biscuits and snacks to ready meals and cheese – they’re all such experts with so much experience that I feel really honoured to get even a snapshot of their working day.

Doing “grown-up” working experience in my thirties is a world away from my very first work experience placement, aged 14 on my local magazine where you’re just some spotty geek who feels in the way and unable to really get involved. It’s really liberating to have the confidence to chat to all these industry specialists who I wouldn’t ordinarily have access to and just get stuck in!

It’s so refeshing to be working in such a different environment. I’ve worked as a journalist for 11 years but am SO ready to try something new. This competition couldn’t have come at a better time for me!

On the agenda today was familiarisation with the buildings, the team and their working practices. I managed to take part in two tasting panels where I had the opportunity to try out products that are being developed for Waitrose. I quickly realised being on a diet was going to be more than a challenge this month!

It’s fascinating as a consumer watching how the team decide what it is about a product they like – and what elements need changing to make the grade. It’s an incredible privilege.

I’ve got a pretty varied and impressive schedule for the month and I’m really excited about what’s in store. Tomorrow I’m off to Wales for the Annual Conference where I’ll be on the “Waitrose Essentials” stand, alongside all the other new and stand-out ranges. It’s going to be a great introduction to what this supermarket powerhouse has to offer.


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  1. The Scribbler said, on March 3, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Sounds incredibly interesting and exciting! What a great opportunity. It would be great to go back to some of those teenage situations with the life experience and confidence you have as a ‘grown up’. all those questions you never asked, because it wasn’t ‘cool’.
    Hope you enjoy your work experience and I look forward to reading all about your adventures.

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